What Is Alcohol Addiction?

What Is Alcohol AddictionAre you living with alcohol addiction in Philadelphia? Is someone you love struggling with alcoholism and in need of alcohol detox and addiction treatment? If so, you have a wide range of choices in addiction treatment help: inpatient alcohol rehab, outpatient alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol detox, alcohol addiction counseling, 12-step meetings and more. Call us at the number listed above – it’s a free call – and get the help you need to find an alcohol addiction treatment program that will work for you.

How Does Alcohol Addiction Change Your Life?

Alcohol addiction brings nothing but negativity and loss into a life that has the potential for balance and peace. Every area of day-to-day experience is affected by alcohol addiction: health, mental well-being, relationships, careers and school. Addiction takes away your ability to care and, as a result, few alcoholics take care of their bodies and get regular checkups or care for chronic conditions. Most have problems in their relationships with family and friends, and few function well at work or school. When you choose to get the help you need, you are taking control back from alcohol and reclaiming the areas of your life hurt by your addiction.

How Much Does Alcohol Addiction Cost?

Many are concerned about the cost of alcohol addiction treatment, but let’s talk about the cost of alcohol addiction. When you don’t figure out how to cover the cost of the alcohol rehab help you need, it means you are choosing to continue to pay for alcohol addiction. What does that look like? How much do you spend on alcohol alone? What about other drugs and alcohol? How much money is spent on medical bills related to alcohol use? How many days of income are lost when you are too hungover or drunk to get to work or function well? Add it up and compare to the cost of a single month spent in alcohol addiction treatment and you’ll find that the cost of alcohol addiction is far higher than the cost of treatment.

Are You Ready to Choose Alcohol Addiction Treatment Today?

There are so few positive choices in Philadelphia alcohol addiction treatment, but it can be difficult to navigate through what is available outside your town to find the best program for you. Everyone is different and you may find that outpatient alcohol rehab is a better choice for you than inpatient rehab or that a sober living home is a great aftercare choice for you and your family. Call us at the toll-free number above and talk to a counselor about your options. We can help you find an addiction treatment center that will put some distance between you and your life of addiction in Philadelphia.