Types of Alcohol Treatment Programs

Types of Alcohol Treatment ProgramsWhen it comes to alcohol treatment in Philadelphia, you have little to choose from. Widen your search to include high-end alcohol treatment programs outside Philadelphia, and you will find a variety of options to choose from: holistic alcohol addiction treatment, traditional 12-step programs, residential alcohol rehab, outpatient rehab, teen rehab and more. Deciding which one is right for you is a tough choice – one that starts with a little bit of exploration into what is provided by these different types of treatment as well as what isn’t. Here you can find a basic guide into what you can expect at a number of different types of alcohol treatment programs.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Holistic rehabilitation is a form of treatment that is highly effective for a wide range of alcohol addiction issues.  Those who have been struggling with long-term alcohol addiction and multiple trips to rehab will find benefit with holistic treatment and so will the teen alcoholic or those with only short-term addiction issues who have never been in treatment. Through a mix of behavioral therapy, group sessions and alternative treatments like relaxation practices, yoga, meditation, outdoors , art therapy, cinema therapy and more, you have the opportunity to tailor-make an addiction treatment program that speaks to your history with alcohol and treatment.

Traditional Alcohol Treatment

Traditional alcohol treatment programs are often based on the 12 steps and traditions familiar to those who attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This spiritual program is based upon the idea that all you need to stop drinking is the will to do so; their program offers you 12 steps to follow with the help of a mentor after you put down your last drink. An extremely effective program for many, it has been considered the gold standard in alcohol treatment until recently with the advent of holistic alcohol treatment.

Residential Alcohol Treatment vs. Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Residential alcohol treatment – also referred to as inpatient care – requires you to live at the treatment facility until you have successfully completed the program, while outpatient alcohol addiction treatment requires you to return home or to a sober living home each night. Each one has benefits and drawbacks and, depending upon your situation, choosing one or the other is usually the first thing you’ll have to do. Residential alcohol treatment provides the most intensive care possible, offers round-the-clock medical assistance and is generally considered to be the most effective treatment available; however, it is far more expensive than outpatient treatment. Outpatient alcohol treatment allows you to maintain a work or school schedule, provides the same therapeutic support as residential treatment and is much less expensive, but little to no medical detox care is provided and many relapse due to the open schedule.

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