Residential Rehab Programs

Residential Rehab ProgramsPhiladelphia Alcohol treatment centers might not be best option for recovery. It might be that a residential alcohol treatment outside Philadelphia is the best option for those battling an addiction to alcohol in the city. Because you get to spend every night at the treatment center, you are surrounded by the support and medical assistance you need to get through detox and avoid relapse in early recovery. Every day you get through without drinking provides you with resources to fight alcohol addiction more effectively when you return home. Statistics show that those who choose inpatient rehab programs over outpatient rehab programs remain relapse-free for longer after they return home.

If you would like help finding a residential rehab outside Philadelphia, call us today. We can help you choose an alcohol rehab that will help you to make true changes occur in your life.

What to Expect in Residential Rehabilitation

Residential alcohol treatment starts with an intake session. Here you are encouraged to speak freely with your alcohol addiction treatment team. Discussing the details of your experience with drugs and alcohol, your past attempts at treatment and any psychological or medical diagnoses you are living with will help your medical team to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.

If you are physically addicted to alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, then alcohol detox will be your first stop at alcohol rehab. Inpatient medical treatment will ensure that you are never without the care you need in the event that you experience complications.

When you are physically stable, therapeutic treatment begins – the most important part of your stay in residential rehab. Here you will learn how to deal with the psychological and emotional issues that encourage your alcohol addiction in a positive way that doesn’t include drinking. Common stressors and triggers that exacerbate addiction and make recovery more difficult will be addressed through a variety of different types of therapeutic sessions.

The combination of detox and addiction treatment at a residential rehab means that you will enjoy a well-rounded experience that addresses all of your personal needs in recovery.

Paying for Residential Rehab Programs

There is no reason that the prospect of paying for a Philadelphia treatment program should stop you from getting the alcohol addiction help you need. Health insurance, financing options, sliding scale costs, free residential rehab services – all of these are available outside Philadelphia. We can help you find an inpatient alcohol rehab that will work with you and the resources you have available.

Choose Residential Rehab Now

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