How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a Relapse

How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a RelapseFinishing a rehab program is understandably a proud moment for former drug addicts. They have admitted their weakness in the face of a debilitating addiction, which takes a copious amount of humility and strength. Furthermore, they made it through a challenging program that forced them to change their habits in healthy ways. However, if Philadelphia residents attended a comprehensive program, they may have also learned of the likelihood of relapse, but they hardly notice this compared to the elation of finally being drug-free for the first time in months or even years.

Then something totally unexpected happens — a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, earthquake, landslide or another natural event strikes when a city was unprepared. Suddenly, recovering drugs addict feel the same horrible panic that grips everyone else, which may encourage them to seek relief. Despite their better judgment, they flee to the first thing that provided solace: a drug of choice. How does one cope with the stress of relapse and seeing their worlds suddenly and irreversibly damaged? If this describes you or a Philadelphia loved one, get help today.

Ways to Recover from Disaster-Induced Relapse

The first thing to do after you relapse is to seek support from an outpatient recovery group. Ideally, addicts are in touch with a group like this ever since leaving residential rehab, but if not, now is an excellent time to find one. The recovery center you left should be able to connect you with a reputable group. Joining them under such circumstances is no cause for shame, because this situation is common, so many recovering addicts will likely also suffer from a relapse due to a natural disaster. The camaraderie of other Philadelphia drug addicts who experience the same struggles can work wonders for one’s mental state.

If someone participates in a disaster response team, either on a volunteer or vocational basis, the mental toll is especially draining. These organizations should provide trauma counseling services, or at least cover part of the cost for Philadelphia workers. If not, a church, recovery support group or local charity is often willing to help these recovering drug addicts. Do not feel guilty for detracting from the relief effort by getting addiction help; as a first responder, your well-being boosts the maximum number of people you can help.

Help for Recovering Philadelphia Drug Addicts

If you or a Philadelphia loved one has relapsed into drug abuse after a natural disaster, we want to help you through this tragedy. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to find professionals who can get you sober again. There is always a second chance, so let us point you toward yours today.