Finding Support for Alcohol Recovery

Finding support for alcohol recoverySupport for alcoholism starts when an alcoholic reaches out for help, it continues through rehab, and will be a part of the lifelong process of sobriety. Your family, friends, colleagues, doctor, pastor, and neighbors can help any Philadelphia alcoholic; you are surrounded by people who want to help you get and stay sober. Keep in mind that all of these people, to one degree or another, have been impacted by your alcoholism, so they have several reasons to want to help you.
If you feel too exposed and vulnerable by reaching out to these people because they know you, you also have the ability to seek confidential support. Pick up the phone and call a toll-free helpline and reach someone who wants to help. Yes, while the person may be a stranger to you, he still wants to help. He has made the choice to serve as a call center because he knows that people need to reach out and he wants to provide any Philadelphia alcoholic with information and support.
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