Attention-Seeking Behaviors and Addiction

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionAttention-seeking behaviors are often present in Philadelphia residents that also suffer from addiction. These behaviors are classified as any action and behavior that will place an individual in the center of attention. This can chafe relationships and can, in extreme cases, worsen an addiction. Attention-seeking behaviors can also present many difficulties during addiction recovery.

What Are Attention-Seeking Behaviors?

Attention-seeking behaviors can progressively become worse by the reaction of others. If others encourage or enable the attention-seeking individual, their behaviors can become more grandiose and dangerous. Philadelphia residents should also be aware that these behaviors could worsen if they are ignored. Included in the following are some examples on attention-seeking behaviors:

  • Bragging or boasting
  • Lying
  • Try anything to gain pity and reassurance
  • Making negative statements
  • Outrageous behaviors

An individual who is attention-seeking will often brag or boast about things they have accomplished or new items that they have recently acquired. These individuals will often lie to gain control of a situation or lie to make themselves look better than others. They will also try anything to gain pity and reassurance, even if this means putting themselves or others in dangerous situations. Philadelphia residents with attention-seeking tendencies will often make negative statements about others accomplishments, personal objects, or loved ones. Attention-seeking individuals will often have spontaneous behaviors, making them the center of attention.

How Are They Related to Addiction and Recovery?

Many but not all addicts are attention-seeking. They may try any method to make others take notice. Addicts will often lie, and while under the influence of drugs and alcohol will often display outrageous behaviors. Included in the following is how attention-seeking behaviors can affect the recovery of Philadelphia residents:

  • Negativity towards recovery
  • Lash out at others to gain pity and reassurance
  • Lying about struggles while in treatment

Attention-seeking individuals may be extremely negative and this negativity can take over and make recovery extremely difficult for them. These individuals may lash out at other staff and patients, not only affecting their sobriety in the long haul but also affecting other individuals’ treatments. Such Philadelphia residents will often say that recovery is easy and refuse to acknowledge any hardships, making treatment extremely difficult.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Available for Philadelphia Residents

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